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POS Device Set Package

POS Device Set Package
POS Device Set Package
POS Device Set Package
POS Device Set Package
POS Device Set Package
POS Device Set Package
POS Device Set Package
POS Device Set Package
POS Device Set Package
POS Device Set Package
POS Device Set Package
POS Device Set Package
POS Device Set Package
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O2O POS System Development


In-Store Payment Account Application: 
- Apply Alipay Cross-Border In-Store Payment Account 
- Apply WeChat Pay Cross-Border In-Store Payment Account 
- Apply CreditCard In-Store Payment Account
- Apply Business Octopus App Payment Account
- Provide Payment APP 
- Provide POS integration (for O2O POS System )


O2O POS System Development 
- POS Software 
- POS Terminal x 1pcs 
- Barcode scanning devices x 1pcs 
- Cash Drawer x 1pcs
- Inventory Management system 
- Promotion & Discount System 
- Membership and Loyalty system 
- Human resources management system 
- Authority system : Manager/cashier/waiter role permissions 
- Reporting System : Order , Inventory, Sales


Payment integration for POS & Payment Gateways


Synchronization of POS System & Shopping Cart System
- System investigation & Study
- API Development
- System integration & testing


User Training for O2O POS System


Maintenance, Hosting and Consultation
- Provide 60-months Maintenance and Consultation Services for the all Solutions and Systems provided in this Quotation
- Provide 60 tickets for Consultation of Payment Gateway Integration
and Shopping Cart Operation
- Provide 60-months Web Server Hosting services, incl:
-cPanel Access
-Unlimited Email Addresses
-Unlimited Monthly Data Transfer
-Dual Core CPU
-3GB RAM-ONE Dedicated IP
-SSL Certificate



Online Ecommerce Solutions Development


Online Payment Account Application:

- Apply Alipay Cross-Border Online Payment Account

- Apply WeChat Pay Cross-Border Online Payment Account

- Apply CreditCard Pay Cross-Border Online Payment Account

- Provide Payment Gateway API


E-Commerce Website & Shopping Cart System Development

- Shopping Cart system

- Wechat OA Friendly Customization

- Responsive design, cover mobile, PC & Wechat OA version

- CMS for editing Category and Products

- Advanced Products page display (Photo Zoom, Product Details, Review, Related product)

- Online Payments module

- Advanced checkout flow upgrade

- Standard Order Management system

- Standard invoicing system

- multi-language display module

- Standard promotion & coupon code module

- Standard Logistic API module

- Standard Membership system

- Standard Loyalty program system

*** Clients shall provide content & design including all wordings, banners, layouts, logos, icons, artworks or etc.


User Training for Shopping Cart System




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